Infrared Thermography

Using the best technology for the best inspection


Water evaporates as it cools. Thermal cameras can assist in identifying moisture and assessing moisture issues


Thermal cameras help to identify anomolies or variation in surface temperature. Missing insulation, air leakage and other issues can become highlighted when you can see temperature.


Thermal imaging can help identify hot spots in your electrical system or other areas not otherwise visible. Helping us confirm loose connections and other problems.

thermal image of a shower stall

Thermal Cameras See Surface Temperature

To show the difference between the naked eye and a thermal camera check out these videos. The darker the color the cooler the surface and the lighter the warmer. Keep  in mind these videos are from situations where minimal other visual signs were present and the scope of these problems was only visible with a thermal camera and moisture meter.

Certified Residential Thermographer


Thermal helps us identify issues and while we dont do an entire thermal inspection during our home inspections, we still utilize  it at times to help us identify more at no charge. Jameson is a certified residential thermographer. Thermal can be misleading and significantly troublesome if not completed by a train professional. If not in the right hands it can be more bad than good.

thermal hot toilet

Toilet With 110 Degree Water

The toilet is clearly fed with the hot water line of the home and is a big energy waster…Home built over a year prior to this

toilet thermal
window thermal

Frosted Window With Argon Loss

This window was frosted and seeing the seal failure was not possible with the naked eye

thermal window fail
leaking thermal

Leaking Toilet Into Floor

When this dark spot in the basement floor was checked with a moisture meter it was completely damp. Leakage into a concrete slab is important and hard to identify

What we provide

Infrared Images Included

Regardless of your type of service we provide you with infrared pictures right in your inspection report if issues are identified.

Issue Diagnosis

We include trouble shooting suspect areas with all inspections at the inspectors judgement at no charge.

Infrared Full Report

For clients looking for a full infrared inspection, we offer a specialized inspection with an infrared report of the entire home as an additional service.

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Not getting a home inspection? Contact Us about infrared only inspections!

You dont need to be buying a home to get an infrared inspection. We can use the infrared camera to scan your entire home, or even just trouble shoot a particular issue. Pricing varies per inspection to maximize affordability.