Definition: An inspection completed prior to having an accepted offer on a prospective property.


Pre-offer inspections occur prior to having an accepted offer. With permission from the seller, it may be possible to get into a property to complete an inspection prior to offers being due. If access is allowed and sufficient time is possible, we can complete a home inspection prior to you having a contract with the seller. Buyer beware, inspections vary in the following ways.

  • Time: Some inspectors are completing “quicky” 30 minutes to an hour inspection for pre-offer inspections. We complete only comprehensive inspections.
  • Tools: Some inspectors are doing pre-offer inspections with nothing but a flashlight. We are using moisture meters, infrared cameras, and all of the equipment they would typically use
  • Report Writing: While some inspectors are providing an abbreviated or even no written report. We offer a comprehensive report.
  • What’s Being Inspected: Some inspectors are eliminating categories of a home inspection. We inspect the items in the Standards of Practice
  • Agreements: Some inspections that are limited may result in the client “signing away” on an inadequate inspection. We follow the Standards of Practice.

We feel a pre-offer inspection is still a home inspection and should be done properly even if on short notice.

Watch our video and learn more. Take control of your transaction and don’t accept the illusion of protection from an abbreviated “walk through”

When to consider a pre-offer inspection?

When there is an appropriate deadline for offers

With the very competitive market we are currently in, many sellers have a stated deadline when offers are due and in some cases they allow a window for any perspective buyers to have an inspector come through the home.

When a traditional home inspection is not possible

Home inspections provide various other benefits when done in a traditional manner like the ability to negotiate may be possible. A pre-offer inspection should only be completed when a full inspection is out of the question.

When the seller allows it

Unfortunately, an inspection cannot be completed covertly. Some of our clients have had to walk away from potential properties because an inspection was not possible. If the seller allows an inspection, even with very short notice a pre-offer inspection may be an option.

“I do not offer “walkthroughs”, “consultations” or any other quickie inspection that does not follow the standards of practice for home inspectors and provides no reports. Although they may be convenient for home inspectors and realtors they do not offer appropriate protection for consumers in my opinion.

If you chose to do a pre-offer inspection with Another Level Inspection LLC we want to provide you with a comprehensive inspection and report.”

Jameson Malgeri

Owner, Another Level Inspection, LLC


Need to learn more about pre-offer inspections in Gloucester and greater Boston areas?

This is a complex topic and we would love to discuss it over the phone an answer your questions. If you are thinking of having a pre-offer home inspection completed in the Gloucester area the best plan is to be prepared in advance. Just like having a strategy with finding a home, you should have one for how your inspection process will occur. We offer free consultations before you find your dream home so you can be prepared for all the possible options, prior to being pressured in to a difficult and sometimes emotional decision.