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Picking an inspector is hard. We pride ourselves on communicating the information you need to know about the property. We focus on providing the best quality inspection at the best value.

01. meticulous

We set ourselves apart with our distinctive process. We take pride in our level of detail and take the time to ensure every question is answered. We don’t rush through our inspections and have a patient approach.

02. Professional

We stay true to our clients and also the property. We respect any property we enter and focus on the facts and not our opinion. We work for the client only and take the time to understand their concerns.

03. Advanced

We embrace technology and use what we feel brings real value to the inspection. Finding the most problems is our way of minimizing our liability, not sticking to a basic inspection. Hard work and a thoughtful inspection set us apart.

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We offer services for both buyers and homeowners and everything we do is based on the client and their long-term interest in mind. We are locally based and our reputation is our most important asset. We complete every service with long-term relationships in mind.

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Our greatest compliments come from our clients and Jameson has a track record of excellent reviews. We recommend learning more on google and we have even more reviews available upon request. 
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Another Level Home Inspection is a company that prides itself on being there for our clients. The inspection and home buying process can be overwhelming and difficult. We make every decision with you and your family in mind, not just now but years down the road. We deliver the truth so you can make a better decision about the biggest inspection of your life.

We educate you about more than just the bad things. Inspections are stressful enough. We work hard. We don’t aim for a casual inspection; we want to get to the areas that matter and keep the inspection moving. Some issues are found only with hard work and we want to maximize our time at the property.

Information is power and we want to put you in control of your transaction. What you don’t know CAN hurt you and we keep that in mind. We want to be focused on facts. We do not want to give you our opinion, we want to stay focused on the issues present.

We are process-driven. Our focus is on being methodical and ensuring we thoroughly go through everything we are there to do. Having a system that works helps make things smoother and prevents issues.

We want to be there for you. If you didn’t leave the inspection feeling like you have a friend who you can reach out to anytime in the future, we didn’t do our job. Our number one goal is to build relationships as our reputation is a point of pride.


“I highly recommend Jameson Malgeri and Another Level Home Inspection for your home inspector. An inspection by Jameson is like taking a college course in home construction, repair and safety. He invites you to follow along as he inspects your house, and he patiently and clearly explains everything he examines and everything he finds. He spent more than three hours with us, answering every question, and examining every nook and cranny. He then produces a report that is detailed with text and photos describing his findings, and he uses color coding to identify higher and lower priority items. On top of all that, he is immediately responsive to texts and emails, and, even after completing the inspection, he has been very helpful to us in planning for how to tackle some of the issues he found. If you are looking for a home inspector, look no farther. Jameson is the one you want.”

Robert A.


Jameson Malgeri

Owner Inspector

 Jameson provides home inspections to the North Shore, Greater Boston, and Beyond. He has years of experience and loves working with clients.


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Jameson is active in the home inspector community. A proud board director of ASHI New England. See our RESOURCES page for video, articles, and more!