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Don’t settle on your inspector. We pride ourselves on communicating the information you need to know about the property. We want to ensure we take the time to maximize your inspections value.

01. meticulous

Many home inspectors claim to be thorough, we take the time to evaluate the home beyond the average inspection and follow it up with a report that is just as comprehensive.

02. Professional

We stay true to our client and also the property. We want to deliver the facts and are not afraid of the perception of what we feel is right. We do not involve ourselves in your transaction and our report is sent to you and your agent if requested.

03. Loyal

We want a real connection with our clients. Many clients call us years after their transactions in the next phases of their lives. We inspect in a manner to build a long lasting relationship with our clients.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Our greatest compliments come from our clients and Jameson has a track record of excellent reviews. We recommend learning more on google and we have even more reviews available upon request. 

Five Star Rating

We Love Google

Check us out on google and the best way to compliment our service is with a review so others can hear about your experience.  Click Here!

Jameson Malgeri

Owner Inspector

 Jameson provides home inspections to the North Shore, Greater Boston, and Beyond. He has years of experience and loves working with clients.



Another Level Home Inspection is a company that prides itself on being there for our clients. The inspection and home buying process can be overwhelming and difficult. We make our decisions as a company with you and your family in mind, not just now but years down the road. We feel that even if it’s not fun to hear certain truths about your dream home, we need to deliver as many facts about the condition of the property as possible.

We don’t only show you the bad things. Inspections are stressful enough; we find them to be less painful when you are interacting and learning. We want you to understand your home’s components prior to learning about its problems.

We work hard. We don’t aim for a casual inspection; we want to get to the areas that matter and keep the inspection moving. Some issues are found only with hard work.

Our company is working for the clients, not any of the other parties involved. We want to deliver the information YOU need. The information is yours, and you are then in control of your transaction.

Many home inspectors do things to add to or take away from an inspection. We focus on what the ideal/perfect inspection would look like and work towards that. We focus on what adds value to your inspection.



We want to be focused on facts. We do not want to give you our opinion, we want to stay focused on the issues present.

We are process-driven. Our focus is on being methodical and ensuring we thoroughly go through everything we are there to do. Having a system that works helps make things smoother and prevents issues.

We want to be there for you. You may have a question the day you receive the report or the day after you move in. It’s a ton of information and we want to be available for you whenever you need us. We don’t have office hours and you should contact us anytime you have questions.


Some Of Our Highlights

Radon testing

Continuous monitors providing results right to our phone at pickup. We care about our clients health and want to protect them against the second leading cause of lung cancer.

mobile friendly reports

Reports built by todays standards. Image centric, interactive and easy to read.

High quality photos

We carry special lighting to get a photo of the problem even in the darkest areas of the home. We edit photos to highlight the problem.

ASHI Certified

The American Society of Home Inspectors provides a standard and evaluation above the state minimum and we are happy to be a part of it.

Thermal imaging camera

We use a thermal camera on suspect areas to determine the surface temperature to identify issues.

Certified Pest Inspector

We provide a Wood Destroying Insect report with your inspection. We want to identify insect issues to help protect your home.

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