Home Maintenance Inspections

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You have your car checked annually, why not your home? Homeowners should not be opening electrical covers, going on their roof, or going in crawlspace areas without knowledge and proper safety equipment. If you are like most homeowners, you don’t really know what’s going on in those areas. 

We offer multiple options for you to have a professional come in and check your home to try and identify potential safety and deterioration issues. Call us today!

Please note: Any inspection pursuant to the sale is a Home Inspection and not a Maintenence inspection and a full report is required by law. 


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Multiple Options 

1. Full Maintenence Inspection With Report

If you get our full maintenance inspection it includes a detailed report recommending contractors and helping to prioritize the issues in your home so you can save money by picking the biggest priority.  

2. In-Person Portion Only

Don’t want a report? The reports take a long time to put together and are detailed in nature so if you prefer no report we are happy to offer a significantly discounted inspection with only the onsite portion.

3. Only Have One Issue? 

If you don’t want your entire home looked at but need advice on a singular issue, we can help with that too! See our typical report items below and we are happy to discuss your consultation via phone at no charge as a first step to see if we can help.

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Evaluate your electrical system for safety

Heating System

We will do our traditional heating system evaluation and look at the distribution system if present.

Plumbing System

We can evaluate the plumbing, waste and water heating systems.

Roofing System

From the roof surface, to flashings and roof drainage systems.

Structural System

Foundation and superstructure in the building.

Exterior Cladding

Exterior siding, trim, windows, and doors.

Exterior Structures

Decks, Stairs, Porches, and Related Components.

Chimneys, Vents and Fireplaces

Chimneys, Vents and Fireplaces

Appliances and AC Systems

Traditional appliances for hookups and AC system.

Interior Areas

Walls, floors, ceilings, doors, stairwells, and more.

Insulation and Ventilation

Insulation in the attic, basement, and any other accessible areas.

Exterior Areas

Walkways, Grading, Drainage, Fences, and more.